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The MOEA Held "Bid Opening of 2022 Bidding and Capacity Allocation Processes for ESS Integrated with Solar Photovoltaic Equipment" to Enhance Power Supply Flexibility and Accelerate the Development of Solar PV


To promote installation of energy storage system (ESS) at solar PV site, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) held "Bid Opening of 2022 Bidding and Capacity Allocation Processes for ESS Integrated with Solar PV Equipment" on November 4, 2022. Eight companies entered the bidding process, and seven of them were allocated a total ESS capacity of 70.6MW. Moreover, six of the seven companies planned to install additional solar PV systems with a total capacity of 110.95MW, with the other one company releasing 1.5MW of feeder capacity.

The MOEA clarified that the bid accepted only applications by solar PV producers, which had already gotten the license of power generation or built and connected to the grid Type I solar PV plant with a minimum capacity of 1MW. Out of the eight applying companies in this bid, one lost out on the bid because its tender price was higher than the base price; thus, the remaining seven companies won the bid.

The MOEA emphasized that the promotion of ESS integrated with solar PV system not only could reserve some power for nighttime demand, but also provide Taipower Company the stored power for dispatch, enhancing network stability; moreover, it could also release the gradually saturating feeder capacity for more solar PV equipment installation. The project will bring a multitude of benefits and MOEA will adjust the implementation on a rolling basis, while facilitating the development of integration of ESS and solar PV system.

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